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I really enjoyed this class because it allowed non-graphics student the opportunity to learn different techniques and programs that they would not have otherwise been able to learn. I am happy that I was able to learn how to use InDesign, Photoshop, and Ilustrator. I think these programs are becoming more widely used and it is wonderful to be able to know how to use them, at least a little bit. The lectures were extremely helpful because it allowed peer critiques. It is always important to have others look at your work because your eyes can miss details, especially when you’ve been looking at a project for a long time. Overall I really enjoyed this course, and while the course work was quite intense it was enjoyable and always beneficial.


Wrap up post

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I have yet to encounter anything better then an hour 1/2 with Renée and Louie.  My favorite class, it was so nice. I really enjoyed all the projects, even the dreaded logo assignment. I am still working on it. I had a lot a fun designing my interface. I was able to put a ton of work into it and I definitely think it shows a progress throughout the semester. The whole class was very enjoyable and I liked that we had so many discussions. I am hooked on graphic design now, and I search for creative new ideas in my free time.

Final Interface

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elan goss – magazine final

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magazine cmplteley done!

Elan Goss Poster Design

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make-up lab times

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Here are the make-up times for the labs for this week:

Wed, 9/8:

2:15-3:35 p.m. in 206 E
3:45-5:05 p.m. in 206E

Thurs, 9/9:
11-12:20 a.m. in 206 E
12:30-1:50 p.m. in 206 F

welcome to the blog.

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alright. this is it. the official graphic design blog for section 6. welcome.

Take a look around.

This is where we will keep the conversation from class going as well as share our work throughout the semester. It is also a resource center where you can download or view projects and deadlines for the class.