Wrap-Up by Elizabeth Reyes

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What stood out the most in this class was how all of us were able to improve throughout the semester. It was very interesting to see how people’s work evolved especially from the drafts to the final versions. I appreciate that professor Renee allowed us to express ourselves at the fullest level and gave us the opportunity to learn from our mistakes. I think that we are all proud of the work we created in this class and we will be able to apply this knowledge to future projects. Overall, great class!


Favorite Websites

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I love the National Geographic website for two reasons. It is designed well with an easy to navigate design. And every page leads to amazing photography.

I use pandora everyday. It is incredibly simple and clean. It is exactly what I want from internet radio. It sticks to radio and doesn’t have a million pages of things I don’t need. Not to mention its song selection is genius.

Wrap-Up – Liz Gravier

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An experience that sticks out? I’d say it’s my beginning-of-the-year graphics experience, or lack thereof. Because GRA 217 forces you to use programs, like InDesign and Photoshop and Illustrator, you really learn everything without ever realizing it. One minute we’re sitting in front of the computer, might as well be blindfolded, and the next minute, almost fours months later, we’re designing magazine spreads and website pages.

Unlike any other classes, there are no papers to write or exams to study for, which has been a neat experience. I particularly enjoyed the in-class critiques we had because not only was it helpful to hear different opinions, but it brought interactivity into the classroom, engaging all of us—graphics majors or not.

Hope everyone had a great graphics semester. Have a good break, and happy holidays!

Favorite Website – Liz Gravier

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..love the black and yellow theme and the front page’s big slideshow with awesome pics– an exact replica of the actual publication

and for the food mag lovers…   http://foodporndaily.com/explore/food/

Magazine Cover

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I chose this magazine cover because of it’s artistic layout. I like how W showed only half of the actresses face and the main focus is on the volume of the hair. By focusing on the face you can really see how captivating her eyes are and see the volume of her hair.

Current Event – Liz Gravier

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Although I have never actually read either of these magazines, their covers are some of the best I’ve ever seen.

Both of them won ASME awards for the 2010 Cover Contest: The Atlantic for “News and Business,” and Texas Monthly for “Most Delicious,” naturally.

The Atlantic’s creativity and wit in distorting an iconic American image, such as the Statue of Liberty, is outstanding and immediately draws my attention. The magazine could effectively get its point across even without the headline, “FAT NATION.”

Texas Monthly, on the other hand, doesn’t incorporate any obvious distinction or wit into its image of the burger. Yet, because of the burger’s colors and of its blatant in-your-face position, I am attracted to it. Pictures and ads of food are known to catch our eye, but this particular cover makes even a vegetarian drool.

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