Logo Project

PROJECT no.3: Logo + Stationery

>> download .pdf of project sheet

>> download the templates

Design a logo for yourself incorporating something that connects to your name or future career.The logo should be both visual and verbal. If you are unsure of what you want to do in life, design something graphically pleasing that could be used as a professional mark for simple stationery for internships, jobs, etc.
Once you have designed your logo, integrate the design into three forms:
1. Letterhead (stationery)
2. Business card
3. Envelope

Before you choose your design, go through a process of drawing a series of rough draft sketches (do a minimum of 10) in which you experiment with different aspects of the design, positioning, orientation, etc.This should help you when you go to the computer lab to begin working on the assignment. I’d like for you to include your sketches with your rationale in the envelope attached to the back of the project.

Cut your pieces accurately to size. The three (5 with front and back) pieces should be mounted on a black matte board no larger than 15 x 20. Don’t overlap your pieces on the board.The projects will be presented in class with a short oral presentation so be ready!

Sizes: Letterhead: 8.5×11
Business Card: 3.5×2 (front and back)
Envelope: 9.5 by 4 1/8 inches (front and back)
Use the template files (link above)

Logo sketches due Thursday, 14 Oct at the start of class
Digital Logo due Tuesday, 19 Oct at the start of class
System roughs due Tuesday, 26 Oct at the start of class
Final Project due Thursday, 28 Oct at the start of class


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