Poster Project

PROJECT no.2: Poster Design

>> download the project sheet

To create a one-page poster with type and image (photograph or illustration) as a design solution for a not- for-profit event of your choice, future or past. It must be a real event for an actual not-for-profit.This could be something which you support and with which you are familiar.This has to be for something outside the University. It can be for an event from anywhere, domestic or foreign.

Begin by identifying the event you have selected.This should be part of your written rationale, and should influence your approach to solving the design problems. In your rationale explain how you addressed the needs of the client. Determine what aspects of this event would attract someone to participate or get involved.

You determine the information included in the design from your personal research.You can contact people from the organization to get information.

You must include a primary visual and it has to be original. You can create your own original visual using Illustrator or Photoshop.You could shoot a digital (or film) image.You could scan something. Be original! Consider the quality.The more original, the better

Visual hierarchy in the size and placement of type. Consider grouping of text to keep it simple. Also think about balancing your headline onto separate decks in length and about leading between the lines. Don’t let your computer make leading or kerning decisions for you.

White Space to break up the sections of information. Alignment: think about vertical and horizontal relationships of and between information.

Size: 11×17 You must use some kind of visual: photo or illustration. It should be used as a primary visual in the design.

>You cannot use imagery off the Internet.
> Don’t fill up the space from corner to corner top to bottom.
> Remember that a poster is designed as a quick read.
> Determine who your audience is.
> Make your imagery large!

Brainstorm List dueTuesday, 28 Sept at the start of class

Computer Roughs dueTuesday, 05 Oct at the start of class

Final Project due Thursday, 07 Oct at the start of class


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